• How long do i have access to the discord group ?
    After enrolling, you’ll have yearly access to the discord
  • How can i access the discord group ?
    Check your email for the discord group link as it will be sent automatically when payment is made
  • What type of content is shared on discord group
    On discord group you can find analysis of the market on daily basis, trades, educational content, advices, chatroom and a lot more
  • What are 50x gems and where can i find them ?
    50x gems are low cap coins with at least 50x potential to the upside. After you’ve joined the discord group you’ll see a whole sector dedicated only for 50x gems and all the details you need
  • Can i have access of the discord group from where i live ?
    Yes, sure. Membership is available worldwide and can be accessed by anyone with just an internet connection
  • Do you offer 1:1 mentorship ?
    Yes, you can contact via our social media accounts for more information
  • Can i take a refund ?
    No you can’t. We can’t allow people taking advantage of our content for free